Saturday, August 24, 2013

Relaxation of Tensions.

Relaxation of Tensions.

Relaxation of Tensions

There are many tensions in the world caused by the poor economy and the wrong policies of some heads of state.
That makes things not easier for the population thus they have to confront with it, so an efficient solutions must be in place.
But that is easier said than done because there are a lot of leaders who abuse their position and don’t want to come up the solutions,  that’s why many things are pending for escalation.
And the population of that country are being encouraged by demonstration so they create more tensions and everything starts to get out of control.
All negotiation fails to provide result, because those in power do not want to lose their position or surrender and prefer to destroy the peace of their own people with violence and wrongful acts rather then choose for a peaceful solution.
The desire of people to give in peace for real is the only solution for the relaxation of tensions.
By demonstrating of power and using violence against innocent people will only stir the fire and this will be ending on a given time with justice.
Because those corrupted authorities taking down the life of innocent people and ensure that honest hardworking people lose everything in possessions as well as their families, without any legitimate reason and they are just abusing power.
That can not have a good end and those martyrs will not allow that to happen.
The humanity in this way becoming jeopardized because those who abuse of power and money is the one who does not want to give up their position for the population or for his own country.
No more relaxation of tensions when everyone raise this issue against them and their followers, because this have nothing to do with love of their people.
Their days for relaxation of tensions as a leader are going to be ended and stepping down is the only peaceful solution.
So this can give peace for the world without tension.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

*Title Contributed by Nataporn Chalawlux