Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time waste for No Man 2015

Time waste for No Man 2015

Time waste for No Man

For the time in our life, we are all equal.

One will live longer and the other may have shorter lifespan.

But the days that we live have the same hours.

So it is wise to make a plan of how you want to organize for Your life.

Of course You also must plan it according to Your capabilities.

Do things that You do not want to do will bring no happiness in Your life.

Do something that against Your heart  will not bring You joy either.

Everything You do against Your sense is a wasting of precious time.

If You do something where You feel with joy, it also will bring You the happiness.

When Your heart agrees, it will gives You an exuberant feeling.

You have spend Your time very useful for a prosperous future.

If You are not happy with what You’re keep on doing.

Then You better look forward to the happiness, because what You are doing now is a waste of time.

For the time will wait for no man.

I wish you a healthy life.

Kindly Regards,

Author Jan Jansen