Friday, April 25, 2014

Always know Our Place on the Podium and Never Underestimate Others.

Always know Our Place on the Podium and Never Underestimate Others.

Always know Our Place on the Podium and Never Underestimate Others

Never make an estimation on something that we only see from our eyes.
Often we see something there then directly give our thoughts for it, without understanding on the underlying value.
All can be quite different from what is
being seen thus our mind is challenged by the rapid decision we’ve
made, but then we should also can be able to roll it back.
Because an wrong excuse may be offered to ourselves due to our misjudgment on someone by their assessment.
This is the same as when we see someone we never know but already start to assess how them on their status.
In certain condition we will never be able to speculate the posture of a person by just seeing their body language.
Clothes make the man, and someone may look as a multi-millionaire, but that not guarantee of their financial stability.
A good employer will not say that they already have an excellent salary, but always strive to be get better.
It is totally unnecessary to judge
others before we really know the situation, status and level of them
because it will not bring us bread on the shelf.
We can only better our own doing and make sure that it at least it can bring some improved sense on us.
The ability to predict and gauge itself will not give the result from what we have in our minds.
Our eyes may become the traitor for false pretenses, because nobody can see the back of his tongue.
So the conclusion is that we should never underestimate or undervalue others and always planted our feet firmly on the ground.
The complexity in ourselves is more important than to judge other because that will keep us through good and tough times.
Make an appropriate arrangement to our
own perspective and beliefs, at the same time do not ignore and overlook
the contribution by others.

I wish you a healthy life.

Kindly Regards,

Author Jan Jansen